Mixtape # 14


05 Déc. 2013
This is the american dream, Kongfuzi way.

L’Amérique je veux l’avoir et je l’aurai. Ha ça, tu l’as voulue tu l’as eue ! Disney ayant décidé de fermer Lucasfilms, Kongfuzi a décidé de réagir contre l’impérialisme américain. Au menu (forcément junk et gras) nos meilleurs artistes burger, ceux qui empêchent la planche à billets verts de tourner en rond et les outsiders les plus acérés de l’Empire !

01 INTRO "Theme America Fuck Yeah" EXPLICIT WARNING from Team America World Police
02 INTERMISSION "I have a dream" from Luther King Jr
03 MATMOS "The Stars and Stripes Forever" 
04 THE MELVINS "The water glass"
06 DEFTONES "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)"
07 VIRGULE "Elia Kazan - Final scene" from America America 
08 FUGAZI "Blueprint"
09 SONIC YOUTH "Superstar"
10 INTERMISSION "Il a tué son propre nom / He kills his own Name" from American Dad
11 DEERHOOF "Secret Mobilization"
12 GULL "chain saw it comin"
13 IMPLODES "Wendy 2"
14 INTERMISSION "The Massacre of McBain Family" from Once Upon a Time in the West
15 OLD MAN GLOOM "Hot salvation"
16 NEUROSIS "bleeding the pigs"
17 INTERMISSION John Cale "American Psycho Piano Theme" from American Psycho
18 INTERMISSION Alex Jones "Quote of the Day on David Rockefeller" on Infowars Nightly News
19 ANI DIFRANCO "Self Evident"
20 GOLDEN VOID "art of invading"
21 IMPLODES "necronomics"
22 INTERMISSION Thomas Newman "Power of denial" from American Beauty
23 INTERMISSION "The Propaganda of Americanism" from Noam Chomsky
24 THE NATIONAL "Fake Empire"
25 JOHN MAUS "Hey Moon"
26 ODD FUTURE "NY (Ned Flander)" [feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, the Creator]
27 PREFUSE 73 "When Irony Wears Thin"
28 INTERMISSION Thomas Newman "Dead already" from American Beauty)
29 INTERMISSION "L'imperialisme americain expliqué en 110 secondes" from Will Hunting
30 FLAMING LIPS & LIGHTNING BOL "I'm Working at NASA on Acid (featuring Lightning Bolt)"
31 SUICIDE "Ghost Rider "
32 INTERMISSION Montage & live Recordings from September 11 
33 SUN CITY GIRLS "Space prophet dogon"
34 INTERMISSION George W Bush "Either you're with us or you're with the terrorists" from CNN
35 VATICAN SHADOW "Cairo Is A Haunted City"
36 MMOB "Reign Of Quanity And The Signs Of The Times,Patriarch Of The Iron Age"
37 GRAILS "Reincarnation Blues"
38 VIRGULE "airport police control" from Amreeka 
39 TRUE WIDOW "a.k.a."
41 OUTRO "armonica" from Once upon a time in the west
42 OUTRO JIMMY HENDRIX "Star Spangled Banner"
43 OUTRO NOFX "Idiot son of an asshole"
44 OUTRO NEIL YOUNG "This land is your land"