Mixtape # 15

Mixtape KONGFUZI #15 : SEXTAPE!!

05 Janv. 2014
Mixtape KONGFUZI #15 : SEXTAPE!!
To be famous… we need a SEXTAPE!!

Une sextape avant de devenir célèbre ?
La rumeur court que des individus pervers et non identifiés auraient dérobé le smartphone de Kongfuzi.
On lève ici le voile avant le scandale!!

01 INTRO CONTEMPORARYPORN (trailer) documentary from Victor Azaustre Maleno / "Perversion for Profit" propaganda film by Charles Keating
02 HOT CHOCOLATE "You Sexy Thing"
03 INTERMISSION Parental Advisory from Pervert! by Jonathan Yudis
04 DO MAKE SAY THINK "i love you (la la la)"
05 INTERMISSION "Respect The Cock Tame The Cunt" from Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson
06 INTERMISSION "We both know what men are like" from Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick
07 TARWATER "Miracle of love"
08 INTERMISSION "Can you remind your best orgasm?" from Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell
09 TARWATER "69 Erotic Year"
10 INTERMISSION "This will make you moist" from The Boat That Rocked by Richard Curtis
11 ART BRUT "Sexy"
12 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice "Don't Love The Liar"
13 PREFUSE 73 "Love You Bring"
14 INTERMISSION "Ego" from A Dangerous Method by David Cronenberg
15 INTERMISSION "Ton cul c'est mon génie" from Les Galettes de Pont-Aven by Joël Séria
16 HERBALISER The Sensual Woman
17 INTERMISSION "You got me hotter than Georgia asphalt" from Wild at Heart by David Lynch
18 MATANA ROBERTS "Kersalia"
19 INTERMISSION "Les préliminaires c'est ce que je préfère" from Romance by Catherine Breillat
20 HECTOR ZAZOU "Double Jeu" feat Asia Argento
21 INTERMISSION "Your Welcome" from Q by Laurent Bouhnik
22 XXL "Lipstick fair"
23 INTERMISSION "Mr Grey" from Secretary by Steven Shainberg    
24 JULIE CHRISTMAS "Secrets all men keep (salt bridge, part ii)"
25 Jocelyn Pook "the dream"
26 INTERMISSION "I can't understand what you're waiting for" from A Dangerous Method by David Cronenberg
27 KIM GORDON "Fever"
28 INTERMISSION "Now or in 5 hours" from Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh
29 OFF LOVE "CloseToU" (oOooO Remix)
30 INTERMISSION "Baisser votre petite culotte" from Secretary by Steven Shainberg
31 MATMOS "Public Sex for Boyd McDonald"
32 INTERMISSION "Start the erection" from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex by Woody Allen
33 THE BOOKS "Egaberté"
34 ADD N TO (X) "Plug Me In"
35 INTERMISSION "I want it so bad" from Orgazmo by Trey Parker
36 THE RAPTURE "How deep is your love" (populette remix)
37 INTERMISSION "Meilleur coup" from Wild at Heart by David Lynch
38 BLACKSTROBE "I Feel Love"
39 UNDERWORLD "Shudder - King Of Snake"
40 INTERMISSION "Ca y est j'ai joui" from Les Valseuses by Bertrand Blier 
41 ITAL "Doesnt matter (if you love him)
42 INTERMISSION "After all, voyeurism is participation" from Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell
43 SAAAD "ÓñáÓÑïÓñ© Óñ¼Óñ¥ÓñªÓñ¦" (Noir C+ôur remix)
44 INTERMISSION "virginité vs plaisir" from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex by Woody Allen
45 THE NOTWIST "no encores"
46 ROBOTS IN DISGUISE "the sex has made me stupid"
47 INTERMISSION "Théorie du trou" from Fasto by Anne Bancroft
48 KEVIN DREW "Love Vs. Porn"
49 XIU XIU & EUGENE S ROBINSON "sex + cash"
50 UMBERTO "black candles"
51 INTERMISSION "Don't turn away from love" from Wild at Heart by David Lynch
52 GRAILS "Daughters Of Bilitis"
53 INTERMISSION "Pleasures" from 9 Songs by Michael Winterbottom 
54 PTV "je t'aime"
55 INTERMISSION "on remet un coup" from Tout Ce Que Vous Avez Toujours Voulu Savoir Sur Le Sexe by Woody Allen
56 TITRE FANTOME Mr. Sipp-April Fool (Feat. Cash Out) Prod by DJ Spinz