Mixtape # 16

Mixtape KONGFUZI #16 : Metal Summer 2013

05 Fév. 2014
Mixtape KONGFUZI #16 : Metal Summer 2013
Cet été on vous a torché une SLASHER TAPE sur fond des « TUBES » metal qui ont boosté notre année avec pas mal de titres de nos crèmeries préférées : Deathwish, Season Of Mist, Epitaph… On espère que vous allez kiffer notre délire bloody gore à base de slashers : du teenage découpé à la tonne, du contrôle policier flippant, des coups de la panne en pleine forêt et des monstres, ENJOY !!
On vous souhaite un été psycho, ensoleillé et bruyant, et d’être du bon côté de la tronçonneuse quand le moment sera venu. DON’T TRUST THE HITCH-HICKER !

01 INTRO Mix "Jaws theme" by John Williams + "Frontière(s) theme" by Jean-Pierre Taïeb + Witxes "the turned"
02 DEPARTURE "It's time to go, come on" from THE HITCHER by Dave Meyers + "Put the red dot" from A PERFECT GETAWAY by David Twohy
03 MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE "White mountain return"
04 RENTALS CAR "Just sign there" from WOLF CREEK by Greg McLean
05 CASPIAN "Gone in bloom and bough"
06 SECRET ITINERARY "It's not on the map, but if you take a left at the dirt road..." from THE HILL HAVE EYES by Alexandre Aja
07 TRUE WIDOW "Skull Eyes"
08 STRANGE CITY "Eden Lake, my arse! Slapton Quarry! Gated community? Who are they so afraid of? Everyone" from EDEN LAKE by James Watkins
09 KYLESA "Unspoken"
10 RADIO DEATH "a grizzly work of art..." from THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE by Tobe Hooper 
11 DESERT MOSH "Sailor Ripley, you get me some music now! I mean it!" from WILD AT HEART by David Lynch
12 GOLDEN VOID "virtue"
13 PAPAYE "Grapes"
14 POLICE CONTROL "What the hell are you doing?? I knew I was fucked" from FEAR & LOATHING by Terry Gilliam
15 RUSSIAN CIRCLES "Death Rides a Horse"
16 WEIRD COPS "Sure you have nothing to declare? Please step out of the vehicle..." from TERRITORIES by Olivier Abbou
17 BIRDS IN ROW "Police & thieves"
18 RETOX "I've had it up to here i'm going to prison"
19 PISSED JEANS Chain worker
20 CULT OF LUNA "Mute Departure"
22 STRANDED "I can't believe that we're stranded in the middle of nowhere" from THE HILL HAVE EYES by Alexandre Aja
23 BORIS "Canvas"
24 HELP "We have a flat tire. Can you help us?" from HUMAN CENTIPEDE by Tom Six
25 DEAFHEAVEN "vertigo"
26 GARAGE MECHANIC "Ya think bad, then bad's what ya get" from U-TURN by Oliver Stone
27 LOST "Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything." from DELIVERANCE by John Boorman
28 CONVERGE "Wolverine blues" with Aaron Turner (ENTOMBED cover)
29 BARN OWL "Against the night"
30 ISOLATION "My van's stuck and I saw a sign for an inn." from CALVAIRE by Fabrice Du Weltz
31 THE BLACK HEART REBELLION "The woods i run from"
33 HOSTEL CLOSED "It's fucking after curfew, man. What are we 13? Let us the fuck in, we're freezing our balls off" from HOSTEL by Eli Roth
34 ENVY "Thousand scars"
35 HONEYMOON SUITE "Y'all have a great night" from VACANCY by Nimrod Antal
36 TOUCHE AMORE "Gravity, Metaphorically"
37 PROMISE "I promise you, the quarry's fucking stunning." from EDEN LAKE by James Watkins
38 SAAAD "Feste Wolken (Almeeva remix)"
39 EMBARKING "I'm supposed to catch a boat cruise from here...?" from ROGUE by Greg McLean
40 REEF EXPLORER "Welcome aboard the world famous Reef Explorer" from OPEN WATER by Chris Kentis
41 BORIS "Elegy"
42 DIVING "Looks like single file time!" from PIRANHA 3D by Alexandre Aja
43 MONO "Halo"
44 METEO SIGNS "Wind's dropped down on us. It's not dropped, it's gone." from TRIANGLE by Christopher Smith
45 CALL COAST GUARDS "We've just gone from seven knots to absolute zero. You've got anything unusual? Over?" from TRIANGLE by Christopher Smith
46 DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN "ch 375 268 277 ars"
47 EMERGENCY "The Sheriff has declared an emergency. Don't worry, we got beer over here!" from "Piranha 3d" by Alexandre Aja
48 GAZA "mostly hair and bones now"
49 KEN MODE "Obeying The Iron Will..."
50 CULT OF LUNA "The Sweep"
51 LEAVING THE BOAT "The boat's fucked. I don't think it's gonna stay afloat." from THE REEF by Andrew Traucki
52 NEUROSIS "we all rage in blood"
53 BARN OWL "Pacific isolation"
54 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING OCEAN "We wanted an ocean view. Boy, did we get it?" from OPEN WATER by Chris Kentis
55 ISIS Carry Like "I Will Love Her Forever (DJ Speedranch)"
56 KEN MODE "Flight Of The Echo Hawk"
57 SHARKS THRILL "What is it? Looks like a shell." from THE REEF by Andrew Traucki
58 LOMA PRIETA "Aside From This Distant Shadow"
59 MADNESS "It's a great vacation, honey, isn't it? So now we entered no talking phase, uh?" from OPEN WATER by Chris Kentis
60 CODE ORANGE KIDS "Calm - Breathe"
61 LAST PRAYER from OPEN WATER by Chris Kentis
62 OM "State of no return"
63 AMENRA "Boden"
64 OUTRO from FRONTIERE(S) by Xavier Gens
65 OUTRO Peggy Lee "It's A Good Day"