Bad Pelicans

Bad Pelicans
Bad pelicans are a full-throttle irreverent power trio based in paris, france, and currently setting the city of light on fire. 

Their style is an evolution of that sacred lineage that has passed through rock, garage, punk, grunge, and is just about due for a whole new incarnation. Old-timers will recognize the sincerity of the sound,

the authenticity of its anger, and the well-understood references that inform it, but the pelicans are not content to rehash or mimic what has worked in the past. They bring fresh structural notions and intelligent new flavors to every recording, fighting to keep the spirit of guitar-fueled rock truly alive. The bad pelicans are not a quotation, but the genuine rebirth of an eternal impulse.
Self released


Nouvel album fin 2020




Melaine Bricet