Mixtape # 34

Mixtape KONGFUZI #34: The PNEU Tape

02 Août 2015
Mixtape KONGFUZI #34: The PNEU Tape
Every month from now on, we propose a guest musician we love to submit his own playlist or mix. This time, the french noise duet PNEU totally nailed it with an incredible mix, all at once erudite, exotic, ludicrous and F.U.N. exactly modelled on the spirit of this great band!

Artwork by Iamsailor

1.Moments Of Passion by Shiv Hari
2.Sebastiana by Gal Costa
3.UTEP1 by Charles Cohen
4.2nd and 5h Heavy by Luke Abbott
5.Bulk Gummies (feat. Hy) by Food For Animal
6.Get Out Of Your Scene by Das Oath
7.Sidi Mansour (live) by Omar Khorshid
8.Um Canto de Afoxé Para O Bloco do Ilê (Ilê Ayê) by Caetano Veloso
9.Widow's Walk by Van Dyke Parks
10.Health And Efficiency by This Heat
11.Le Robot Robotique (feat. Jo Sévère Gouine) by Frère Sympa
12.Itsnotunusual by Jame Brown Hideshow
13.Hundeliv I Brasilien by Sigridur Nielsdottir